A premium leather goods and accessories brand based in Amsterdam. The intimate bond between maker and craft is what makes the product complete. Superb craftsmanship demands a lifelong devotion to perfecting one’s skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence. No one knows this better then founder and head designer Frankie Boateng.

He created the brand out of love and as a way to improve himself and share his craft with the world. Finding his true calling as a leather artisan through a rare twist of fate, Frankie began tailoring handmade bags and accessories for his friends and family. “My upbringing thought me to turn any situation into a learning experience. After getting interested in old vintage weapons, I was introduced to the leather craftsmanship. It is where my passion for leather crafting started.” Transforming his passion into a profession, he used his fashion education and established his self-made brand Flybird in 2009.

From their Amsterdam atelier Frankie and Laila Bousbou design and construct original leather pieces, culminating in a contemporary collection of fine quality backpacks, travel goods and accessories. Using only naturally produced leather, all Frankie Boateng products are built to take on the fast city life style.